The Most Exciting Books Newly Released To The Public Domain in 2019

The Most Exciting Books Newly Released To The Public Domain in 2019

The new year means new opportunities to better ourselves and our circumstances. It is a time for setting new goals and reflecting on the ones that we have managed to accomplish. It also means that we have made it through 365 challenging days and emerged victorious along with the resolve to take on the next 365 days.  There are plenty of reasons to be excited about 2019, but there is one special reason for all bookworms to be very excited. While everyone is looking ahead at the future, bookworms will be looking towards the past as well because 2019 is the year that a slew of copyrighted works enter the public domain. This is happening for the first time in 20 years in the United States, which is definitely cause for celebration. These include movies, art and music as well, but we all know that books are the most exciting, so here are the ones that we think are the most exciting.

The Murder on The Links

by Agatha Christie


Fans of the famous Hercule Poirot, the most famous detective since Sherlock Holmes, are in luck as The Murder on The Links by Agatha Christie is now in the public domain. It is her third public domain book after The Secret Adversary and The Mysterious Affair at Style and her second book to feature the famous Belgian detective. 

The Inimitable Jeeves

by P.R. Wodehouse

The Inimitable Jeeves

P.G. Wodehouse is another famous author who is no stranger to the public domain. My Man Jeeves and Right Ho, Jeeves are already in the public domain and they are now joined by The Inimitable Jeeves. This is a real treat for fans of Jeeves as it features eighteen chapters, which is enough to qualify it as a semi-novel. Another book by Wodehouse, Leave It to Psmith, is now also public domain. It is the fourth and final book to feature character and just as enjoyable as the previous ones.

Tarzan and the Golden Lion

by Edgar Rice Burroughs


Tarzan fans will no doubt have already added the previous public domain books by Edgar Rice Burroughs to their collection. The ninth book in the series, Tarzan and the Golden Lion has now finally joined their ranks in the public domain. It is another classic Tarzan adventure, although this time the king of the jungle faces a lot of challenges when he returns to Opar to gather more gold to bolster his rapidly depleting finances. 


by D.H. Lawrence


D. H. Lawrence is probably best known for his novel Lady Chatterley's Lover, but he also wrote numerous plays, pamphlets, and short story collections, many of which have already found their way into the public domain. While Kangaroo is a novel, it is considered by many fans to be semi-autobiographical as the author wrote this book about Australia while he was there. 

Antic Hay

by Aldous Huxley

antic hay

Aldoux Huxley wrote nearly fifty books over the course of his lifetime, although most people have only read his dystopian future novel, Brave New World. However, Huxley fans will know that the author is very capable of writing comedic stories, so it is good to see Antic Hay finally enter the public domain. The book features quite a diverse cast of characters, but deals more with their ideas than the actual people, which means that there is a lot more to delve into than just the superficial story.

Jacob's Room

by Virginia Woolf


Fans of Virginia Woolf can now also boost their public domain collection with her 1922 novel, Jacob's Room. It's her third novel and like her other books, it certainly can't be accused of being conventional. Jacob's Room is about Jacob Flanders and his life, which would make him the protagonist, if it wasn't for the fact that the only impression readers get of him is from the women in his life. Jacob's Room is significant because it was one of the first books where Woolfe started opting for a  more experimental style of writing. 

The Prophet

by Kahlil Gibran


Another welcome addition to the public domain library is The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. It is not only the best known work of this author, but its popularity has ensured that it has become one of the most translated books ever. This book, which consists of chapters that deal with everything from love and marriage to joy and sorrow, has never been out of print. If you are not already the owner of one of the tens of millions of copies that this book has sold, then now is the perfect time to find out what the fuss is all about.