Sky Lachlan - Dramatic, Funny and Charming Romance

Sky Lachlan - Dramatic, Funny and Charming Romance

Meet Sky Lachlan, a contemporary romance writer whose books skillfully intertwine drama, humor, and captivation. In the world of fiction, Sky crafts passionate, trope-driven plots that leave readers yearning for more. The words that come to mind when describing her works are dramatic, funny, and charming. Inspired by the timeless classic "The Notebook," Sky aspires to create stories that weave conflict, passion, and a guaranteed happy ending, leaving readers with a smile. Sky's artistic soul finds expression in movement and words alike. Her novels reflect the pureness of love; ensuring readers feel as if they've just experienced a heartfelt movie or listened to a soulful love song. The spare moments of Sky's life are filled with yoga, contemporary dance, ballet, poetry, and a diverse musical palette. Outside the realm of writing, Sky is also a part-time yoga teacher and personal trainer, promoting wellness and balance. This hopeless romantic invites you to embark on a literary journey, where each page feels like a romantic dance in the rain and every word makes you believe in fairy tales again. Fall in love with love, with Sky Lachlan. As our Author of the Day, Sky tells us all about her book, One Night with a Seal.

Please give us a short introduction to what One Night With a SEAL is about?

The novel revolves around Navy Seal Gavin and Jennifer, his best friend's sister. Navy Seal Gavin's mission takes a tragic turn, causing a rift between him and Jennifer. Consumed by remorse, Gavin shifts his focus to a new mission, drawing Jennifer closer to danger. As the story unfolds, Jennifer and Gavin become closer, paving the way for a steamy night full of passion. The story is an enemies to lovers romance that weaves a romantic narrative of love and redemption.

What inspired you to write this story? Was there anything in particular that made you want to tackle this?

I love the water, nature, and beautiful landscapes. I wanted to write a story that took place in that particular setting.

Tell us more about Gavin. What makes him tick?

Gavin is a warrior that loves a challenge. He is striking individual that possesses a captivating allure with his gorgeous appearance. As a single dad, Gavin excels, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing and protecting.

Are you a romantic yourself? What is the most romantic thing you've ever witnessed in real life?

Yes I am a hopeless romantic. I adore romance novels. One of the most romantic things I have ever witnessed in real life is my parent’s anniversary dance. Even after all these years you can still see through the depths of their souls. My parents truly captured the essence of timeless love in that moment. Their 45th anniversary dance was one of the most precious moments I have ever seen.

Interesting cover. Why did you pick this one?

My intention for the book cover was to elicit a wide variety of emotions from readers. Also I wanted my audience to have a clear picture of Gavin’s appearance, occupation, and the passionate night that would change Gavin and Jennifer’s relationship.

One Night With A SEAL
Sky Lachlan

Navy Seal Gavin's mission gone wrong puts him at odds with his best friend's sister, Jennifer. Gavin, now consumed by guilt, shifts his focus to a new mission where Jennifer becomes a pawn in a perilous game. As danger intensifies, a daring rescue ignites a passionate night. This is a suspenseful tale of love and redemption in the face of danger.