The Lure of the North

The Lure of the North


(2 Reviews)
The Lure of the North by Harold Bindloss







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The Lure of the North


(2 Reviews)
This quest for a lost silver lode is rather different in having a heroine backed up by scientific training to aid her prospecting. It is a story of beyond-civilization Ontario, with plenty of excitement in the way of rival prospectors, and a love story.

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lwell. "Very sorry, but there are matters I can't neglect."

"We shall miss you," she said, with a side glance. "I suppose you are not coming to England afterwards?"

"I'm afraid not," Thirlwell answered.

Then, to his surprise, she gave him a rather curious smile. "From the beginning I didn't think you would come."

"Ah!" said Thirlwell. "Still I don't see why--"

"That doesn't matter," she answered calmly. "After all, I dare say it's better in many ways that you should stay in Canada, and I wish you luck." She paused a moment and resumed: "I want you to feel that I do wish it. But Mrs. Allott is waiting for me. We shall, no doubt, see you before we start."

She left him puzzled but relieved. Next morning he stood on the platform of the Grand Trunk station, and Evelyn, leaning on the rails of a vestibule, smiled and waved her hand as the train rolled away.



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A pretty good tale of the far north—concerned with mining rather than the usual furs or timber. In fact, it's so far north the timber is useless.

Strong heroine, sensible hero, satisfying villains. Since it's Canadian, good manners and not much blood.

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A pretty good story of the North Country, with a strong female protagonist. Rather than the usual timber or trapping tale, this is about mining, and feels quite realistic.

Canadian, so manners are surprisingly good for rough country types.

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