The Valley of Fear

The Valley of Fear


(3 Reviews)
The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle







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The Valley of Fear


(3 Reviews)
The plot of the novel is based very loosely on the real-life activities of the Molly Maguires and, particularly, of Pinkerton agent James McParland.The novel is divided into two parts: in the first, Holmes investigates an apparent murder and discovers that the body belongs to another man; and in the second, the story of the man originally thought to have been the victim is told. --Wikipedia

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s that there is some mischief afoot."

"If you said 'hope' instead of 'fear,' it would be nearer the truth, I'm thinking, Mr. Holmes," the inspector answered, with a knowing grin. "Well, maybe a wee nip would keep out the raw morning chill. No, I won't smoke, I thank you. I'll have to be pushing on my way; for the early hours of a case are the precious ones, as no man knows better than your own self. But--but--"

The inspector had stopped suddenly, and was staring with a look of absolute amazement at a paper upon the table. It was the sheet upon which I had scrawled the enigmatic message.

"Douglas!" he stammered. "Birlstone! What's this, Mr. Holmes? Man, it's witchcraft! Where in the name of all that is wonderful did you get those names?"

"It is a cipher that Dr. Watson and I have had occasion to solve. But why--what's amiss with the names?"

The inspector looked from one to the other of us in dazed astonishment. "Just this," said he, "that Mr. Douglas of Birlstone Manor House

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The valley of fear is written by Sherlock Holmes. The whole play script is divided into two acts. the whole act 1 in on the tragedy of birthstone manor while act 2 is on the scowrers.The act 1 was almost on the murder that was there investigated by Holmes, Watson,Mac Donald,Sergent Wilson and Doctor Wood. The act 2 is almost on the scowrers that how Mac Murdo trapped the body master MC Ginty and other scowrers. As he was so clever he planned to trap Pinkerton the birdy Edward and Wilcox in front of scowrers but there was nothing like that he want to do with them. at the end they got to know that Baldwin was died and mac murdo was Douglas.
Another great Holmes story, goes on for a while in the middle, but the background is a necessary part of the story, and with a nice twist at the end. As with all of the other Holmes tales, this is a 'must read'. Conan-Doyle is amongst the greats of English literature.