The Middle Temple Murder

The Middle Temple Murder


(8 Reviews)
The Middle Temple Murder by J. S. Fletcher







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The Middle Temple Murder


(8 Reviews)
The body of a man is found on the steps to Middle Temple Lane near London's courts of law, and a journalist and a young lawyer are drawn into the ensuing investigation.

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e met him only--"

At that moment the unmistakable sounds of girlish laughter came down the staircase. Two girls seemed to be laughing--presently masculine laughter mingled with the lighter feminine.

"Seems to be studying law in very pleasant fashion up here, anyway," said Rathbury. "Mr. Breton's chambers, too. And the door's open."

The outer oak door of Ronald Breton's chambers stood thrown wide; the inner one was well ajar; through the opening thus made Spargo and the detective obtained a full view of the interior of Mr. Ronald Breton's rooms. There, against a background of law books, bundles of papers tied up with pink tape, and black-framed pictures of famous legal notabilities, they saw a pretty, vivacious-eyed girl, who, perched on a chair, wigged and gowned, and flourishing a mass of crisp paper, was haranguing an imaginary judge and jury, to the amusement of a young man who had his back to the door, and of another girl who leant confidentially against his shoulder.

"I put it to you, gentlem

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No super-human feats of deduction to be found here, the solution is pursued with persistence, common sense, and aided with a little luck. I like the Fletcher mysteries I have read and enjoyed this one very much.
Naively-written. Clues fall effortlessly, with hardly a single red herring or blind alley, into the lap of a boring protagonist. The romance is sketchily handled, as seems the case with all of Fletcher's efforts. Too bad, for he's skilled at developing plots.
After reading so many books that have twists and turns that you can't follow and become boring this one is wonderful. Couldn't put it down.......
By far the best of Fletchers books that I have read so far. Moved at a good pace, intrigue, a touch of romance, and it had me working hard to work out "whodunnit". Would recommend to all as a good read.
This is the best remembered of Fletcher's mysteries. A journalist on his way home from the paper happens to be present at the discovery of a murdered man. He takes the investigation on himself. There is a connection to a huge financial swindle that occurred many years before. The action moves along at a nice pace, keeping the reader interested all the way through. Pretty good, but not great.
Spargo is a journalist with deep conviction and passion - in part caused by an underlying interest in the daughter of the accused - in discovering the truth about the murder;the murdered man's past; and who actually was the killer. Set in London and traversing a little further afield as the chase for evidence ensues this is another entertaining book by this author and survives the test of time as to its continued readability.
While the book is indeed absorbing and the story well told, I think if the author needs half a dozen respectable and rich persons becoming crooks, plus an orphan finding his parents, to achieve the effect and hold your attention then it's a bit on the cheap side. Remarkable is the journalist finding the murderer, with the police only being support.
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