The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow

The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow


(2 Reviews)
The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green







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The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow


(2 Reviews)
A woman's body is found in a museum gallery with an arrow through her chest, so all of the other visitors are locked inside while the crime is investigated.

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"In Room B, away from the crowd. She is not alone. A young lady detained with the rest of the people here is keeping her company, to say nothing of an officer we have put on guard."

"And the victim?"

"Lies where she fell, in Section II on the upper floor. There was no call to move her. She was dead when we came upon the scene. She does not look to be more than sixteen years old."

"Let's go up. But wait--can we see that section from here?"

They were standing at the foot of the great staircase connecting the two floors. Above them, stretching away on either side, ran the two famous, highly ornamented galleries, with their row of long, low arches indicating the five compartments into which they were severally divided. Pointing to the second one on the southern side, the Curator replied:

"That's it--the one where you see the Apache relics hanging high on the rear wall. We shall have to shift those to some other place just as soon as we can recover from this horror

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This is a great old mystery novel. The investigation is really interesting. The story itself is tragic. Anna Katharine Green was very good in telling stories of police investigation that do not bore or loose the reader's interest. Gryce is insightful but not infallible. Modern readers should be warned: there is a section toward the end that tells the back story. Old mysteries sometimes had this, and it's common in Green's books, though modern readers will find this annoying. (Remember Conan Doyle's A Study in Scarlet and The Valley of Fear.)Nevertheless, this is an excellent old mystery book that I recommend very highly.
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