The Legion of Lazarus

The Legion of Lazarus


(3 Reviews)
The Legion of Lazarus by Edmond Hamilton







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The Legion of Lazarus


(3 Reviews)
Being expelled from an air lock into deep space was the legal method of execution. But it was also the only way a man could qualify for—The Legion of Lazarus

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d, musty tombs that the humanoids called home. It was dark and there was nothing in it at all. "We can't risk a light. We don't need it, anyway."

They sat down. Hyrst said desperately, "Listen, I want to know some things. Exactly what are we doing here?"

Shearing answered deliberately, "We are hiding from those who want you, and we are waiting for a chance to go to our friends."

"Our friends? Your friends, maybe. That woman--I don't know her, and--"

"Now you listen, Hyrst. I'll tell you this much about us now. We're Lazarites, like you, with the same powers as you. But all Lazarites are not on our side."

Hyrst thought about that. "Then those others who are hunting us--"

"There are Lazarites among them, too. Not many, but a few. You don't know us, you don't know them. Do you want to leave me and go back out and let them have you?"

Hyrst remembered the adder-like face of the young man who had come after him through the shadows. After a long mome

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This book hits all the marks: great plot, believable characters, excellent writing, and a driving force that makes the reader want to uncover the ending. And the ending is a good wrap-up. I only wish the story had been longer.

One of the few 5-star reviews I've ever given.
Criminals are ejected naked into space to flash-freeze, then kept on one of Mars's moons for the term of their imprisonment. At the end of their term, they are reanimated. BUT, there is something only the resurrected criminals know--they wake up telepathic (and some other things that don't figure in the plot.)

Hyrst, wrongly convicted of murder is recruited by the Lazarites the moment he is revived, but who can he really trust?

One of Hamilton's better stories.
Very good SF novella with some interesting plot elements including restoration to life for execution victims, mental enhancement, and humankind's first starship.