The Green Mummy

The Green Mummy


(6 Reviews)
The Green Mummy by Fergus Hume







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The Green Mummy


(6 Reviews)
Egyptologist Dr. Braddock expects a rare Incan mummy to be delivered to his small-town museum, but the sarcophagus that arrives contains the body of the man sent to bring the antiquity home.

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too, my lady, afore Aaron, who now lies with the worms, laid me out with a flat-iron. Men's fit for jails only, as I allays says."

"A nice opinion you have of our sex," remarked Archie dryly.

"I have, sir. I could tell you things as would make your head waggle with horror on there shoulders of yours."

"What about your son Sidney? Is he also wicked?"

"He would be if he had the strength, which he hasn't," exclaimed the widow with uncomplimentary fervor. "He's Aaron's son, and Aaron hadn't much to learn from them as is where he's gone too," and she looked downward significantly.

"Sidney is a decent young fellow," said Lucy sharply. "How dare you miscall your own flesh and blood, Widow Anne? My father thinks a great deal of Sidney, else he would not have sent him to Malta. Do try and be cheerful, there's a good soul. Sidney will tell you plenty to make you laugh, when he comes home."

"If he ever does come home," sighed the old woman.

"What do you mean by that?"


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The book is old, and indeed starting in a lengthy way. That is, when twenty, or more, chapters of sermon (where one sentence could summarize it) are your definition of lengthy.

One the good side though, it is a full novel, a book and not just a hastily scribbled novella, after another pseudo-author watched some movie. The characters are believable, and surprises happen (the supposed richer husbands available, in example, are often proven to be not how the professor wanted to see them).

It is important to remember that this has a South-American bend, not one towards Egypt. The green mummy is Inca by origin, and art-smuggling & reconquering stolen art to rightful owners is part of this. Henceforth I agree with the reviewers before me, IF you can bear the lengthy and shallow start, then the mystery delivered will at least be fully developed.

I think it is good, when:
* You like mummy stories.
* When you enjoy not knowing on page one, how much is crime and how much is supposedly supernatural. Some complex twists are splendidly done, albeit in an old way, which not all modern people may appreciate.
* When era 1900 to 1910 daughter coming of age, daughter struggling to not allow her father to meddle any longer, are what interests you.
Attempts by an obsessed professor of Egyptology to obtain a rare mummy come crashing down when his assistant is found murdered. The book is a slow starter, but press on and you will be rewarded with a complex and well written mystery.
Absolutely mind-boggling, wonderfully plotted and certainly worth reading. However, to my opinion, author could have make any other character guilty other than ...let's say his name is X. Sorry I can't disclose criminal's identity now. Taking consideration of prospective readers I don't want to spoil their excitement.
But I really don't approve of X being guilty becuase his motive behind the crime was not wicked at all. Basically it is a 5 star novel. Anyways, I'm giving 4 stars because I think there were more wicked characters than X who deserved to be guilty.
I agree with the previous reviewers. Each time a new clue is discovered, the situation undergoes a complete change. A superb plot. I just wish the writing was as creative as the plot.
"And Heaven knows that from beginning to end there had been no lack of melodrama of the most lurid description."

An eccentric and irascible archaeologist buys a rare Incan mummy and sends his assistant to fetch it, but when the packing case arrives, the mummy has been replaced by the murdered body of the assistant. Though the language sometimes seems stilted, the plot corkscrews wonderfully before the killer is uncovered, and the characters are amusing.
While I am not usually a mystery fan, I did find this book quiet enjoyable. There are lots of interesting characters and no the mummy does not come to life. There is an obsessed egyptologist, his grown but young stepdaughter, her fiance the painter, the egyptologist's slave. A British aristocrat who is an officer in the army, A don from Peru and his regal daughter. This is to only mention a few. There are also more twists and turns than a high speed roller coaster Download it and read it. You won't regret it!