Immortals' Requiem

Immortals' Requiem


(2 Reviews)
Immortals' Requiem by Vincent Bobbe







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Immortals' Requiem


(2 Reviews)
#1 Bestseller &'s Book of the Year 2018
There are beings that live a shadow's breadth from our reality...
They are the dreams and nightmares of humanity, the ancient seeds of fairy-tale and superstition. These are the Immortals, creatures of magic that should live forever... and they are fading.

When a horror two thousand years dead returns to contemporary England, creatures long thought lost to myth and legend collide in a scramble for survival that could tumble civilisation back into the dark ages of blood and death.

Immortals’ Requiem is a Tolkienesque grimdark fantasy based in both a modern day city and vast supernatural worlds. If you like the idea of a drunken elf with a shotgun, an ancient warrior with a chainsaw and a whole host of violent supernatural beings you’ll love this gritty bestseller.

Buy Immortals' Requiem to lose yourself in this epic dark fantasy adventure today!

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First, my favorite character was Mark. Born a violent brute kinda noob, as a lesser noble of the Roman Empire invading Britain, and staid that all the way!

It is OK to write a character, who is an alcoholic retard. It is less entertaining, then the entire book reads, as if the author is nothing else at all.

The fairy, or fey, dish we get is VERY superficial, and while the Seelie Court and Unseelie Court are known to me, since I researched on old Dungeons & Dragons... Or the twenty years old:

On the good side: The story is easy to get into, there are different characters, and strong female characters along in the dish, and the classic "fight the big bad guy" justifies the overtly cast of characters, as it seems.

The format is OK, the prose could have worked, it just failed to entertain me at all, as I found too much of it cliche, predictable, and known from authors I read a decade, or two, before reading this. Not my kinda tale, but maybe I am wrong on it, and you enjoy checking it out, dear readers? Enjoy!
I loved the characters especially the one that kept getting killed over and over again. The description of the monsters was so wonderful I just could not put this book down!i would love for this author to write a sequel