The Outlaws

The Outlaws


(2 Reviews)
The Outlaws by Selma Lagerlöf







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The Outlaws


(2 Reviews)

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the powers of nature as were the plants or the animals. When the sun shone they were open-hearted and merry, at evening they became silent, and the night, which seemed to them so all-powerful, robbed them of their strength. And now the green light that fell through the reeds and drew out from the water strips of gold, brown, and black-green, smoothed them into a sort of magic mood. They were completely shut out from the outer world. The reeds swayed gently in the soft wind, the rushes murmured, and the long, ribbon-like leaves struck them lightly in the face. They sat on the gray stones in their gray leather garments, and the shaded tones of the leather melted into the shades of the stones. Each saw his comrade sitting opposite him as quietly as a stone statue. And among the reeds they saw giant fish swimming, gleaming and glittering in all colors of the rainbow. When the men threw out their lines and watched the rings on the water widen amid the reeds, it seemed to them that the motion grew and grew until t

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A simple, but nicely written story of two outlaws, a murderer and a thief, who meet in a Norwegian forest and join together to live in the forest. The writing is beautiful. The characters are well-drawn, the descriptions (especially of nature) are evocative, and the plot moves in a leisurely way to doom their friendship.
Something to save for the times when you have no patience for clumsy writing.
Unfortunately, there are typos that spoil the rhythms at times.
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A short but very moving story which carries you into a dream-like world where the nature is alive and haunting. Her rich imagery is vivid and the question of what is right and wrong is brought up and left open through these two outlaws. A thought-provoking tale
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