Up the Hill and Over

Up the Hill and Over


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Up the Hill and Over by Isabel Ecclestone Mackay



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Up the Hill and Over


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. It is a pity that my principles, and the principles of the school-board, should be all against the feeding of tramps. Otherwise I might offer you a sandwich."

"You might," bitterly, "but I doubt it!"

"Even now, putting the school-board aside, I might offer you one if you were to ask prettily and to apologise to me for making rather a fool of me this morning over there by the pump!"

The pump! Why, of course, the pump! It all came back to him now--the pump, the avenging angel! (Had this been the avenging angel?) The avenging dog!--Oh, heaven, was that the avenging dog?

He burst into a boyish shout of laughter.

"There are only two sandwiches left," she warned him. The doctor stopped laughing.

"Oh, please!" he said.

There was something very pleasant about him when he used that tone; a persuasive charm, a trace of command. The girl liked it--and passed a sandwich.

"Anyway it was you who took for granted that I was a tramp," he smiled at her. "If I

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Romance (Love story)

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Plot bullets

The landscape around the small town of Coombe, as in many other places, has it's hills which must be surmounted for not only the benefit of the effort, but as well as for what is on the other side.
Life also has it's hills to climb, it's top to attain and the downhill run to the expected or unknown.
Dr. Calendar is recovering from an emotional upset. He has a hill to climb.
The doctor tops a hill on the outskirts of Coombe, on his incognito walk to perhaps hang up his shingle in that town..
Ester, a young school teacher lives over that hill, and may be the solution to the doctor's problem and her own future.
But everyone, not just these two, have some hill to climb. The distant past, places the Doctor, Ester and her stepmother in an uphill struggle..
Can each, with their own personal burdens, go Up the Hill and Over

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