Giants on the Earth

Giants on the Earth


(2 Reviews)
Giants on the Earth by Sterner St. Paul Meek





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Giants on the Earth


(2 Reviews)
The yoke of Jovian oppressionrests heavily on the dwellers ofEarth--until Damis, the Nepthalim,comes forward to lead them inspirited revolt.

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of a father to the saviour of his daughter."

* * * * *

Damis met the outstretched hand with a grip that made the elderly man wince.

"It is an honor and a pleasure to grasp in friendship the hand of Turgan, the Kildare of this province," he said, "the hand of one who was born to be ruler in fact, instead of an underling under a Jovian master."

"It is true that my father was king of this country before the Jovians came, forty years ago," said Turgan gravely, "yet now there is no honor or merit in it. Even the rank of Kildare, which is but that of a slave ruling other more unfortunate slaves, could not have prevented my only daughter from being dragged away to the seraglio of that monster. To such a pass has one been brought whose birth made him the peer of any. But now we must plan and plan swiftly, else are we undone. Glavour will return with his minions. Safety will be found only in flight, for mere numbers cannot oppose the weapons they will turn against us. Damis, so far you have

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A somewhat interesting story, but a little too swashbuckling for its own good. The science basis is laughable, and the attempt to explain Biblical references is lame. Nevertheless, there are worse stories on this site.
I was baffled by humans only having swords as weapons until I realized that this somewhat clunky and shallow story is set in Genesis (6, 1-4) times. See, Jupiter invaded and conquered the Earth, Jovians could interbreed with humans, and humans had no technology to oppose them. They were like gods.

The story begins with the head Jovian badguy trying to kidnap a babe for his harem, and the half-human boyfriend breaking his arm. The boyfriend joins the human resistance to the Jovians, they steal a space ship, and fly to Mars to try to get weapons from the Martian caterpillars.

An awful lot of the plot depends on coincidences, either to advance it or complicate it. Some of the things the Earthmen do are surprising, considering around that time they were counting goats using knots in string.
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