The Solar Magnet

The Solar Magnet


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The Solar Magnet by Sterner St. Paul Meek





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The Solar Magnet


(1 Review)
Another episode in Dr. Bird's long scientific duel with his country's arch-enemy, Saranoff.

Book Excerpt

river for power. That will be our first line of search."

"We will explore by plane, of course?"

"Certainly. We wouldn't get far on foot, especially as neither of us speaks Russian. We'll head south for another day and then-- What's that?"

* * * * *

He paused and listened. From the distance came a dull drone of sound which brought him to his feet with a start. He raced out onto deck with Carnes at his heels. Far overhead in the blue, a tiny speck of black hovered.

"We're on the right trail, Carnes," he said grimly. The plane passed over them. In huge circles it sank toward the ground. Dr. Bird turned to Captain Evans. Orders flew from the bridge and a detail of marines rapidly stripped the covers from the two forward anti-aircraft rifles.

"I dislike to fire on that craft before it makes a hostile demonstration, Dr. Bird," demurred Captain Evans. "We are at peace with Russia. My action in firing might precipitate a war, or in any event, serious diplomatic misunderstand

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Sterner St. Paul Meek (1894-1972) was a US military chemist, early science fiction author, and children's author.

The Solar Magnet is the 10th story in a series of Meek's adventures that feature Doctor Bird and Operative Carnes in their quest to defeat the evil Russian genius, Ivan Saranoff. It is also the first appearance of Feadrovna Androvitch, who will become Bird’s seemingly untrustworthy “Girl Friday.” Typical pulp adventures, the stories consist of our two heroes defeating the mad genius at his own game as he uses arcane technology to subdue the world for Mother Russia.

The complete list of stories in the order as they were written follows, many available on Manybooks as individual stories or part of magazine collections:

1. The Radio Robbery (1930) [also as by Capt. S. P. Meek ]
2. The Thief of Time (1930)
3. Cold Light (1930)
4. The Ray of Madness (1930)
5. Stolen Brains (1930)
6. The Sea Terror (1930)
7. The Black Lamp (1931)
8. When Caverns Yawned (1931)
9. The Port of Missing Planes (1931)
10. Solar Magnet (1931)
11. Poisoned Air (1932)
12. Vanishing Gold (1932)
13. The Great Drought (1932)