Vrenna and the Red Stone

Vrenna and the Red Stone
and Other Tales


(3 Reviews)
Vrenna and the Red Stone by Michael E. Shea







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Vrenna and the Red Stone
and Other Tales


(3 Reviews)
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all fat boy, Calvin Alaphan. The boy stared at Thorn with wide-eyed horror before burying his head into his mother's narrow chest. Thorn smiled behind the black steel helm.

Johnathan Tenevar's spray of lifebood blood across Thorn's face and the look he gave Tanya Alaphan's fat child changed Thorn's life forever.


The door of Thorn's cell slammed shut behind him. Sweat flowed down his bare chest in long rivers. His dark hair hung in wet strands in front of his eyes. He set his training club against the wall next to the door. Tufts of black hair and drying blood hung on its splintered head.

Two of the fourteen slave gladiators with which Thorn had sparred had died today. Two others were maimed; one with a broken leg stabbing out of his gushing calf and another with an arm that had been twisted nearly entirely around. They were Voth slaves as was Thorn, big and dark-skinned. Every day they got better with the swords and axes and spears with which they fought. One of them nearly opene

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Good series of short stories. Not all are original but they are all tightly written, quick read, interesting.
Great stories, short, to short for my tasts but taken as a whole a good one evening read. These are very good for girls whih couragous heart and mind who generally lack a strong written role model, ie. Wonder Woman.

More f this needs to be written as half of our population lacks this type of writting.

Recomended for all.
J.D. Moyer - Colliding Worlds and Repopulation of a Wild Earth
FEATURED AUTHOR - J.D. Moyer lives in Oakland, California, with his wife, daughter, and mystery-breed dog. He writes science fiction, produces electronic music in two groups (Jondi & Spesh and Momu), runs a record label (Loöq Records), and blogs at jdmoyer.com. His previous occupations include dolphin cognition researcher, martial arts instructor, Renaissance Faire actor, dance music event promoter, and DJ. His short stories have appeared in several magazines and his novelette The Icelandic Cure won the 2016… Read more