Favorite Dishes

Favorite Dishes
a Columbian Autograph Souvenir Cookery Book


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Favorite Dishes by Carrie V. Shuman







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Favorite Dishes
a Columbian Autograph Souvenir Cookery Book


(1 Review)
More than three hundred recipes contributed by the board of Lady Managers of the World's Columbian Exposition.

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_Your enterprise commends itself to every woman who has the best interests of her sex uppermost in her thoughts.

Among the happy recollections of my childhood, luncheon Ham Toast stands out temptingly clear. It was my mother's own, and I give it in preference to several others that occur to me. Most cordially yours,

Boil a quarter of a pound of lean ham; chop it very fine; beat into it the yolks of three eggs, half an ounce of butter and two tablespoonfuls of cream; add a little cayenne; stir it briskly over the fire until it thickens; spread on hot toast; garnish with curled parsley.


From MRS. GEORGE HUXWORTH, of Arizona, Alternate Lady Manager.

Dampen the meal, put it in a thin cloth and steam for thirty minutes. Keeps its flavor much better than when boiled.


From MRS. FRANCES E. HALE, of Wyoming, Lady Manager.

Take half a loaf of Boston brown bread; break in small pieces; put in an oatmeal kettle and cover with milk; boil to a smooth paste, about the

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A collection of recipes from the national "Lady Managers" of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, apparently compiled as a fund raiser. Most of the recipes are very straightforward, although measurements like "one-half coffeecup milk," "two tumblers molasses" and "three cups of very light dough" will make things difficult for modern cooks, as will ingredients like terrapin, and isinglass. The collection features loads of recipes for old-fashioned dishes such as the larded fillet of beef served with mushroom sauce or a la jardiniere contributed by Mrs. Governor Oglesby, of Illinois, along with her economical recipe for beef olives to be made from the scraps. Further recipes include steamed puddings, "bread cakes," gelatine "sponges," and other dishes rarely seen today, often with notes from the contributors, among whom were the likes of the eminent Mrs. Oglesby; Mrs. Governor Richards, of Montana, Mrs. Governor Edwin C. Burleigh, of Maine; and Mrs. Potter Palmer, of Chicago.
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