The Valley

The Valley


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The Valley by Richard Stockham





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The Valley


(2 Reviews)
If you can't find it countless millions of miles in space, come back to Earth. You might find it just on the other side of the fence—where the grass is always greener.

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ck to it. Space is so cold and frightening. Steel walls and blackness and the rockets and the little pinpoints of light. It's a prison."

"But to die out there in the desert, in that dust." Then he paused and looked away from her. "We're crazy--talking as though we had a choice."

"Maybe they'll have to give us a choice."

"What're you talking about?"

"They went into hysterics at the sight of those bodies in the picture. Those young bodies that didn't die of old age."

He waited.

"They can't stand the sight of people dying violently."

Her hand went to her throat and touched the tiny locket.

"These lockets were given to us so we'd have a choice between suffering or quick painless death.... We still have a choice."

He touched the locket at his own throat and was very still for a long moment. "So we threaten to kill ourselves, before their eyes. What would it do to them?"

He was still for a long time. "Sometimes, Mary, I think I don't kno

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A thousand ships left Earth to find another world for the dying planet to migrate to; one returned, and they'd found nothing. Those remaining on Earth did not want that news.

I doubt whether the story's plot was original 60 years ago, it's certainly a bit trite today.
Excellent short story that stands up well, although hardcore sci-fi fans will recognize the theme, it's worth the read!
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