Two Little Women on a Holiday

Two Little Women on a Holiday


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Two Little Women on a Holiday by Carolyn Wells





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Two Little Women on a Holiday


(1 Review)

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s, so like her own. And very lovingly Mrs. Fayre returned the gaze, for she adored her little daughter and was actuated only by the best motives in making her decisions.

"And, here's another thing," said Dolly, "Dot won't go, if I don't. It seems too bad to spoil HER fun."

"Oh, yes, she will," said Mrs. Fayre, smiling. "She would be foolish to give up her pleasure just because you can't share it."

"Foolish or not, she won't go," repeated Dolly. "I know my Dot, and when she says she won't do a thing, she just simply doesn't do it!"

"I'd be sorry to be the means of keeping Dotty at home," and Mrs. Fayre sighed deeply.



All through dinner time, Mrs. Fayre was somewhat silent, her eyes resting on Dolly with a wistful, uncertain expression. She wanted to give the child the pleasure she craved, but she had hard work to bring herself to the point of overcoming her own objections.

At last, however, when the meal was nearly

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Dolly and Dotty, two 15-year-old, small-town girls, accompany a friend to visit her uncle and a cousin in New York.

Sheltered Dolly is younq for her age, a prim goody two shoes; the cousin, apparently meant to provide counterpoint as a "flibbertigibbet," has little to recommend her; and none of the others shine, either. The four girls have some mild adventures in the big city, but little of note happens and their characters remain essentially unchanged throughout.

I can't imagine any modern teenager would think this book anything but sappy and insipid, and even in its day, it must have been aimed at girls much younger than its heroines.

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