Author Dakota Kemp has a knack for crafting intricate and fascinating worlds for his novels and his Steampunk epic, Ironheart, is no exception.
Matt K Turner already made a name for himself writing screenplays, but with GENESIS he proves that he is capable of gripping and engrossing sci-fi thrillers as well.
Susan Joyce is an exceptional woman and creative author whose life story reads like riveting fiction. She has done it all - travelled the world, lived in several countries, experienced a war up close and personal and lived to tell her story. Today, Joyce chats with us about culture shocks, how she discovered after nine years of marriage that her husband wasn't who he pretended to be and how dreams serve her in life.
Greg Juhn loves technology, but is also well aware of the scary new problems it can create. He used his extensive knowledge about the subject, along with his fondness for dark satire to write The Perfect.
HD Smith loves writing dark and delicious novels about mythical creatures and humans in not-so-ordinary circumstances who just want a normal life. Smith is a software developer by day, but at night she escapes to different realms through her writing. Today, she chats with us about why she chose Purgatory as a setting for her series, Dark Hope, the role of mythology in her work and which character was the most difficult to create.
Courtney Hunt has loved Romance novels since the very first day she snuck one out of her mother's library bag. She writes whenever she can, in-between meeting the demands of being an attorney, mother and wife and all the admin that comes with self-publishing. As our author of the day, Courtney tells us about her book, The Lost Art of Second Chances, how she deals with writer's block and why she loves all things Disney.
Growing up and living in New Zealand has enabled Tracey Alvarez to write contemporary romantic fiction against the authentic backdrop of this beautiful country. Today we talk to her about her book, In Too Deep, what it is that draws her to using coastal towns in her stories and why it is not a good idea to ask her for romantic advice.
It took many years before Mona Ingram put her thoughts for a book about the San-Francisco gold rush in writing, but readers will agree that it was worth the wait.
John Oehler knows a thing or two about the perfume industry and used this extensive knowledge to write his debut novel, Aphrodesia. Today we talk to John about how a chance meeting provided him with the inspiration for Aphrodesia, how he chose the protagonist and what he is currently working on.
Joseph John spends a lot of his time walking, whether it is “walking the area” of the United States Military Academy at West Point or exploring Italy with his wife. Today we talk to Joseph about his love for speculative fiction, why he had to do a complete rewrite and where he finds inspiration for his plots.