Beach Town: Apocalypse

Beach Town: Apocalypse


(7 Reviews)
Beach Town: Apocalypse by Thomas Maxwell-Harrison







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Beach Town: Apocalypse


(7 Reviews)
A mysterious disease has struck a hit and run victim.

After Officer Dean begins the investigation it becomes clear the disease is the beginning of an epidemic.

Harry and his family live a modest suburban life in Beach Town, on an island Southwest of the UK. He is dissatisfied with his marriage when he agrees to take his best friend Sheila to a job interview.

Stuck in traffic on the motorway, strange events begin to unfold, and Harry and Sheila are forced to the hospital hoping to find his family when chaos ensues.

They encounter Charlie and together they must survive an attack of significant proportions.

Whilst the dead are quarantined, Harry knows it can’t be contained and the town is a day from a total apocalypse.

Witness four horrific journeys as the dead rise. In a desperate race for survival Harry will discover the brutal lengths he'll need to go to in order to keep his family from certain death.

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Poor grammer and writing style , some paragraphs contradict each other , writer seems to forget weather it's summer or winter. Names are used to often in one centanse. Good story thoug
Pretty classic, urban zombie apocalypse story, with not much new, or innovative in it. Harry, Sheila, Dean... Characters are walking cliche, which all of us have read before, or watched in movies. My issue to note: The .epub version has grammar and punctuation issues, along with fun like police office (instead of police officer) kind wrong choices through the text. It reminded me more of a software-transcribed movie synopsis than a really written novel, or novella. If you want a classic virus-outbreak in a downtrodden town, then this is fine. If you want something completely new, then this may be disappointing a bit. The moment Harry came home and shaved himself with a blade (razor), instead of electronic shaver, I felt, as if this was from 1970 and not 2020. Weird reading such, during #coronavirus.
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