Delver Magic I: Sanctum's Breach

Delver Magic I: Sanctum's Breach


(9 Reviews)
Delver Magic I: Sanctum's Breach by Jeff Inlo







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Delver Magic I: Sanctum's Breach


(9 Reviews)
A rolling tremor passes through the land of Uton signaling a return of long absent magic. Ryson Acumen, purebred delver, senses these changes and learns the Sphere of Ingar is free from its tomb. As violent creatures return to shred the very fabric of reality, the sphere gains awareness and spews corrupt energies to obliterate all life. The talisman must be destroyed, but the path remains defended by devices forged long ago. Those that wish to defeat the sphere must not only overcome these barriers, they must conquer the mistrust which has flourished between the races during the period of separation.

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who will investigate and send us word of the situation before we get involved. That way, we appear concerned with our neighbors but not foolhardy. I suggest we hire delvers. They will move across the countryside far faster than any of us. They can assess the situation and make first contact with those needing the greatest help."

"Yes, yes," Consprite said quickly. He turned a pen in his fingers. "This is very true. We would not waste time or effort in the less lucrative areas. Any delver worth his salt would surely give us a great advantage." He looked up with a nod of acceptance. "I heartily approve."

"I oppose the measure," Cofort said sullenly. "I do not trust delvers. They always require large payments and no one can ever really tell if they do what they say they do. No one can follow them, no one can check up on them."

"I realize that delvers are expensive," Consprite admitted candidly, "but that's because no one can do the job they can do. I realize that it is difficult to check on


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I read the wholw series in just 8 days and fell in love with all the characters. Its certainly great for a light read. The story could have been a lot better if Bannaat was involved more, Holli could use more magic and The Sword of Decree could reveal another power :D
All in all, i loved this book.
Managed to finish the 3 books with ease. Once you got used to the author's rambling style, the story is quite enjoyable. If you are a fantasy bookworm like me, give these books a try..
its all great this book is a great fantasy and i would like to recommend it to everyone . currently, i don't have money but when i will have my card i'm surely gonna pay at least $100.
Best of luck for future!
This trilogy is a fun read. Set in a neat created world which has 4 main races.
1.Delvers-humans who are attuned to nature, are very, very fast and love to delve and discover.
2. Elves
3. Dwarves
4. Algors. Lizard like gentle mind linked desert dwellers.
The protagonists are a Quaker-like Delver, a couple of elves; one with a very short fuse, a human captain of the town militia and an evolving mage who is just learning to use the newly returned magic.

The denizens are frequently at odds, but unite in the first volume temporarily and send their heroes to destroy an orb which is deeply buried and guarded by traps. It has prevented magic from the world but now may fall into the wrong hands.

The book deals with the return of magic and it's magical monsters such as goblins, The warring between races (and those monsters) and the moral issues of deciding to co-exist and manage adversaries and evil, try to modify them with reason and action or simply destroy. Arguments are common between the main characters who have very different moral compass.
All this occurs in a fast paced easy to read interesting storyline. If I have one criticism, it's the dialogue. Somewhat stilted, and the characters frequently seem to take instant offense at statements which seem bland and non confrontational-seems a bit contrived.
I really enjoyed all three books. Yes, there is a bit of rambling and some of the typos break the flow of the passages. However, the ideology and the story mixed well for me. It was a nice break from reality.
I think the author should take his speech-recognized ramblings and shorten them rigorously. It would make for better stories and books. Without it, this is an average overly-long fantasy story with a bit too much monotheism for my taste.
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Average fantasy story. Characters are okay - not very inspiring but not terrible. Story is classic, no twists. The fantasy world is rather dull. Writing style is somewhat childish. If you just want an average fantasy story, this'll do. I personally won't bother with the second and third books.
This is a typical fantasy novel with lots of magic, elves, dwarfs etc. Its not fantasy at its best, but a good read. I am even reading part two of the series.
A highly readable, decent story. This book avoids the deliberately-being-obscure-for-the-sake-of it that so much fantasy fiction falls into the trap of. From the word go, it's extremely accessible. Whilst some of the themes are familiar to regular readers of this genre, there are also enough new ideas to add to the suspense. I would not class it with great literature but it's a lot better written and more readable than other books I have read.