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Soul View


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Soul View by Jeff Inlo







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Soul View


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Dr. Jim Sagacity has the special ability to see souls. He watches spirits depart this world in a display of pure wonder until one day he learns that not all souls are able to make this transition. With a new perspective of death, he attempts to intervene, but despite his best efforts, he finds that not everyone shares his views and that the world he lives in can be a very dangerous place.

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ts with a tingling sensation I can't describe, but I'm sure this feeling comes from the joyous wonder inside me.

As I said, I never hear anything, but trying to explain this event in terms of what I see really doesn't come close to doing it justice. A painting, a photograph, even a motion picture--no matter how dazzling in light and color--always seems limited to me. Your eyes focus on a single rectangular space. Even if I try to describe something grander in scale like a mountain scene with a rainbow, lightning, and the pyrotechnics of the latest rock and roll concert, it still doesn't seem to capture what it is I witness. What I see is much more encompassing, and that's why I like to compare it more to music than to a visual image.

Music always seems to fill an entire space, it covers all angles and with a wide array of force and measure. It contains different emotions all at the same time. There are so many different instruments that can make so many different sounds. When put together with a


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I find almost without fail that the Creative Commons licensed books I pick up are overly long and in need of a strong editor. This one was no exception. In some respects it feels more like a rambling, unrefined journal than a novel.

There are some interesting things going on in this book and despite very little action, it's almost exclusively monologues and conversations, it does keep you going. The dialogue itself, of which there is quite a bit, feels largely unnatural. It the major stumbling block I had working through this book. It's a very on the nose style of delivery and a distinct voice between the two primary characters is missing.

It doesn't feel finished. Not in that the story doesn't resolve, it does, but in the sense that steps were dropped in bringing this to the complete story that it could have been. A merciless editor could have done well to strengthen this book. It was interesting but could have been a lot more.

If you enjoy the writing but the story doesn't grab you try Inlo's Alien Cradle instead. It felt like a more complete read to me.