Mate in Two Moves

Mate in Two Moves


(3 Reviews)
Mate in Two Moves by Winston K. Marks





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Mate in Two Moves


(3 Reviews)
Murt's Virus was catastrophically lethal, but it killed in a way no disease had ever thought of—it loved its victims to death!

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gn of warmth and friendliness from her?

He cleared his throat. "No, I'm serious. It occurred to me that your interest in the out-clinic problem was commendable, and that I was rather short in my remarks to you."

"Oh! I take it I have your permission to work my project in during the day, then?"

"That's right, so long as it doesn't interfere with the routine." He sounded stuffy to himself, but he was entirely out of practice in speaking to please a female.

"Thanks," she said wryly, and the conversation ended.

Somehow, the brief talk with her restored his perspective. Once again she was his assistant, and the significance of her as a woman faded. She was a dedicated physician like himself. In another few years, she would find a residency of her own. She had no more inclination to knock off and become a woman than he had to squander his time and energy on attaining the status of family man.

* * * * *

It was with mounting admiration that he followed her new project

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Kind of interesting storyline, but the ending is way too trite.

The whole world is suffering from a Love Bug, while an infected doctor and his assistant are chasing the cure.
A story about dedicated pathologists fighting a plague that caused people to fall in love while fighting the infection in themselves. It's from 1954 and not too dated, worth reading for a chuckle.