The House of a Thousand Candles

The House of a Thousand Candles


(19 Reviews)
The House of a Thousand Candles by Meredith Nicholson







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The House of a Thousand Candles


(19 Reviews)
A novel of romance and adventure, of love and valor, of mystery and hidden treasure. The hero is required to spend a whole year in the isolated house, which according to his grandfather's will shall then become his. If the terms of the will be violated the house goes to a young woman whom the will, furthermore, forbids him to marry. Nobody can guess the secret, and the whole plot moves along with an exciting zip.

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rtune. Sister Theresa wheedled large sums out of him, and he spent, as you will see, a small fortune on the house at Annandale without finishing it. It wasn't a cheap proposition, and in its unfinished condition it is practically valueless. You must know that Mr. Glenarm gave away a great deal of money in his lifetime. Moreover, he established your father. You know what he left--it was not a small fortune as those things are reckoned."

I was restless under this recital. My father's estate had been of respectable size, and I had dissipated the whole of it. My conscience pricked me as I recalled an item of forty thousand dollars that I had spent--somewhat grandly--on an expedition that I led, with considerable satisfaction to myself, at least, through the Sudan. But Pickering's words amazed me.

"Let me understand you," I said, bending toward him. "My grandfather was supposed to be rich, and yet you tell me you find little property. Sister Theresa got money from him to help build a school. How much


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A fast-moving adventure. The plot may seem a bit predictable, but Nicholson packs in so much action that even when you expect what happens, the novel moves you right along. The world-traveling scapegrace grandson of an eccentric architecture buff inherits his grandfather's partly finished Indiana house on condition he live there for a year and not marry the alternate heir who'll get the property if he fails to meet the conditions. On his first night in the house, somebody shoots at him. The house, it seems, is full of mysteries, and what happens next isn't quite what you expect.
This book kept me reading just to find out what happens, and will read the sequel set in the same place Rosalind at Red Gate. I like his style of writing and I like happy endings so I plan on reading all his books.
(1905) Mystery / Detective / Romance

R: *****

Plot bullets

There are really only several hundred candles, in The House of a Thousand Candles. That oddity only begins to tell of the strange house and the man who owns it.
The owner dies, and his will, turns out to be as odd as the man's taste in the architecture of his home.
His nephew inherits the house at his Uncle's death. The main proviso of the will is,that he must live at the house and not leave it for one year.
Other than the house and grounds, the nephew finds at first, little else in the form of wealth.
But, there is a rumor of a hidden treasure somewhere on the estate.
But, there is the pretty girl at the school next door.
Now, add a suspicious servant, a questionable executor, mysterious passages and someone who wants to kill him, and the story is afoot.

I really like this novel..When I first saw it, I thought i am not going to like it but got curious with the story and downloaded it, At the first two chapters I got bored but, it even took me two months to finish the first two chapters but when I reached the third chapter, it only took me a day to finish the whole is really fun and exciting to read...highly recommended...
This was so good that I downloaded the rest of the author's books. Modern readers will find the emphasis on honoring one's word unusual, if not quaint. It's not a sermon, it's a very good tale of mystery, adventure and romance set in an interesting time.
I really liked this book. It is different than what I normally read and am glad I took a chance on it. Highly recommend!
Wow! This is a book that is outside of my normal reading comfort-zone (I normally read Science fiction and historical fiction) and although the plot was a little predictable in parts the twists and turns of the storyline make this a a real page turner. The twist at the very ending was a complete suprise. I thoroughly recommend this book.
A book that lightens the mood. I felt as dissapointed as jack to find that Olivia wasn't a child n even more dissappointed to find that she was not Olivia at all! o girl of red tam o'shanter i wish i were u..