In the Onyx Lobby

In the Onyx Lobby


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In the Onyx Lobby by Carolyn Wells





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In the Onyx Lobby


(1 Review)

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yet incisive tones. "I'm ready to back Ricky's prospects to the uttermost, if only--"

"If only what? What is this condition you impose on the lad? And why keep it so secret? Tell me, nephew, I'll let you in on the Buns in spite of any blot on your scutcheon. What is it that troubles your aunt?"

"What always troubles her? What has spoiled and embittered her whole life? Hardened her heart? Corroded her soul? What, but her old ridiculous, absurd, contemptible, damnable Feud!"

"There, there, my boy, remember your aunt is a lady, and such expressions are not permissible before her----"

"Pish! Tush!" snorted Miss Prall, who would not have herself objected to that descriptive verb, since it gives the very impression she wanted to convey, "If I did not permit such expressions Richard would not use them, rest assured of that."

Bates smiled and lighted a fresh cigarette. These tilts between his elders greatly amused him, they seemed so futile and inane, yet of such desperate interest

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An "impossible" crime. Unsatisfying all around.
From the start the police make a huge assumption you know has to be a mistake, but the author carries on with it throughout the book. Sort of makes you feel like you're the only one with an intact frontal lobe. Had me wishing that the murderer hadn't stopped at just one victim.
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