Palos of the Dog Star Pack

Palos of the Dog Star Pack


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Palos of the Dog Star Pack by J. U. Giesy







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Palos of the Dog Star Pack


(2 Reviews)

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nd the Hindu taught Croft the rudiments at least of the occult philosophy of life.

Then, with little warning, Croft was assigned on a mission to Australia. The church of which he was a member has a custom of sending their members about the world as missionaries of their faith.

For over two years he did not see the Hindu, though he kept up his studies of the occult. Then, just as he was nearly finished with his "mission," what should happen but that, walking the streets of Melbourne, he bumped into Gatua Kahaun.

The two men renewed their acquaintance at once. Gatua Kahaun taught Croft Hindustani and the mysteries of the Sanskrit tongue. When Croft's mission was finished he prevailed upon him to visit India before returning home.

Croft went. Through Gatua's influence he was admitted to the man's own brotherhood. He forgot his former objects and aims in life in the new world of thought which opened up before his mental eyes. He learned the secrets of the magnetic or enveloping body of


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Palos of the Dog Star Pack is part of a trilogy written by John Ulrich Giesy (1877-1948), the other two books being Mouthpiece of Zitu (1919) and Jason, Son of Jason (1921) and all available on ManyBooks.

The story is about Jason Croft, a young American occultist who masters the art of astral projection. Sending his incorporeal form to a planet that orbits Sirius, he meets the girl of his dreams--a common event in the romantic science fantasies of the early 20th century--and to win her, possesses a body whose inhabitant has died. Unfortunately, he has possessed the body of a commoner and as there is a caste system on Palos and the girl of his dreams is a high caste princess, Croft has to work overtime to get his chance to win her love.

The prose can be florid at times and the descriptions verbose, but all in all, the story is one worth your investment of time.
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