Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing


(4 Reviews)
Gone Fishing by James H. Schmitz







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Gone Fishing


(4 Reviews)
There is no predictable correlation between intelligence and ethics, nor is ruthlessness necessarily an evil thing. And there is nothing like enforced, uninterrupted contemplation to learn to distinguish one from another....

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eld the door open for McAllen. The car moved unhurriedly off with them.

The automobile's license number produced Dr. McAllen's California address for Barney a short while later. The physicist lived in Sweetwater Beach, fifteen minutes' drive from the pier, in an old Spanish-type house back in the hills. The chauffeur's name was John Emanuel Fredericks; he had been working for McAllen for an unknown length of time. No one else lived there.

Barney didn't bother with further details about the Sweetwater Beach establishment at the moment. The agencies he usually employed to dig up background information were reasonably trustworthy, but he wanted to attract no more attention than was necessary to his interest in Dr. McAllen.

That evening he took a plane to New York.

* * * * *

Physicist Frank Elby was a few years older than Barney, an acquaintance since their university days. Elby was ambitious, capable, slightly dishonest; on occasion he provided Barney with contraband informatio

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A schemer attempts to acquire a working matter transmitter secretly developed by a retired physicist. A wonderful story, highly recommended.
Loved everything but the ending. Quite an interesting plot, but comes to an abrupt halt without satisfactorily tying things up.
A cynical con man stumbles across a scientist who is hiding an invention--a matter transmitter. His plans to steal the invention don't quite work out.

The story takes a couple of twists before reaching the end. Overall, a satisfying story.
Plot bullets

Got a matter transfer tunnel?
Some one want to cheat you out of it?
Why not try a very unique punishment, and get some scientific data to boot?

Sci-fi, with a touch of humor
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