Sara Rosett's love for the English countryside shows in her murder mysteries that follow a location scout from town to town. Her "Murder on Location" series take readers from quaint little towns to stately homes on a thrilling mission to figure out who the murderers are. As our Author of the Day Rosett chats about how she plans the twists, how her off-beat characters are inspired by real people and reveals how her own experiences as an outsider moving into a new town gave her a perspective to write from.
Deborah Lawrenson has a knack for truly transporting readers to the time and place she is writing about. Her latest novel, 300 Days of Sun, is no exception and takes place in Faro, a beautiful town on the southern coast of Portugal. Here, Lawrenson also introduces the reader to the darker side of town and takes them to World War II Portugal. As our author of the day, Lawrenson reveals how she managed to describe Faro with so much detail, her research into the history she incorporated in the book and much more.
After a particularly exhausting day, Mary Ann D'Alto started musing about the human mind. She picked up a pencil and wrote: "Aaron had never noticed how thin his shoe laces were." This was the start of He Counts Their Tears, a riveting thriller that drags readers into the dark world of a psychopath. As our Author of the Day, D'Alto talks about how she didn't plan the book but merely watched the story unfold as the characters developed. D'Alto also chats about having to make time to write while running a successful law firm and reveals why she did not become a Psychotherapist.
When Jennifer Cano isn't dreaming up new plots, taking notes, staring at nature, singing or cooking delicious spicy food, she writes enthralling fantasy for kids. Her stories are filled with mystery, quirky, relatable characters and a lot of heart. As our Author of the Day, Cano talks about how Broams Eld was conceived, why Livy Hinge makes such a great main character and reveals the underlying message of her book.
Eden Ashley's character keeps taking a life of their own - even when she wants them to be quiet. They drive and inspire her to write epic fantasy love stories where everything is possible. As our Author of the Day, Ashley talks about how Dark Siren developed into a series and gives us a sneak peek into Banewolf, the second book of the installment.
When A.H. Gabhart isn't writing delightful cozy mysteries or historical novels, she loves hiking on the farm with her grandkids or baking delicious homemade blackberry pies. Her books are known to feature quirky, very relatable characters and she likes to play fair in her whodunits by leaving readers some clues as to who the murderer is. But very few actually figure it out! As our author of the day, we chat with Gabhart about Murder at the Courthouse, where a deputy sheriff is rudely awakened from his dreams of retirement in a small town after a body is discovered on the steps of the courthouse.
When Mark Hosack isn't editing movie trailers or managing his three kids, he writes - even if it is only for fifteen minutes a day. His latest book his The Good Spy Dies Twice, a thriller-mystery that has been receiving rave reviews. As our author of the day, Hosack chats about how unspecial his main character is, the difference between screenwriting and writing novels and how Stephen King books have influenced his work. Please give us a short introduction to what The Good Spy Dies Twice is about.
Walter Marks loves to create art - whether it is through painting, music or writing, his creative nature shines through. His highly successful Jericho series has known to thrill, amaze and shock readers - and his book, The Hated, is no exception. As our author of the day, Marks reveals the inspiration behind The Hated, chats about the book that was purchased by Paramount Pictures and tells us what he is up to right now.
E.M. Aguilar's book, The Calling, came to him in a dream and he just had to write it down. The story developed into an action-packed adventure with a lot of magic that kept readers glued to the book. As our Author of the Day, Aguilar chats about his journey as an author, how he discovered writing as an art form and talks about his writing habits.
Phil Ward writes what he knows - military fiction. As a highly decorated combat veteran and former instructor at the US Army Ranger School, Ward has always wanted to write about the forerunner of the Rangers, the British Commandos. After a lot of research into WWII history, Ward published the first book in the Raiding Forces Series, Those Who Dare. It has been such a success that he is now working on book 10 in the series. As our Author of the Day, Ward chats about the history behind the book, reveals how many of the characters are based on real life people and talks about his combat experience.
Andrew Updegrove - A Cybersecurity Expert With a Knack for Running Into Situations
FEATURED AUTHOR - Andrew Updegrove's Tales of Adversego thriller series is an outgrowth of several inspirations. The technical subject matter derives from the author's more than thirty years of experience representing technology start up clients. Along the way, Updegrove has become intimately familiar with the types of folks that populate the technology ecosystem: entrepreneurs and career engineering employees, angel investors and venture capitalists, policy makers and regulators, idealists and lobbyists. That’s… Read more