Danielle Soucy Mills wrote her first novel when she was only 10 years old and has since earned her BA and MFA in Creative Writing and won multiple awards with her books, Tina Tumbles and Illusion of an Ending. When she is not writing or practising backflips, Mills enjoys spending time with her husband and one year old daughter. As our author of the day, Mills talks about Illusion of an Ending, her perception of the afterlife and reveals how a series of events inspired the book.
Smoky Zeidel is an author whose deep love for nature is evident in everything she writes. Her novel, The Cabin, in which she weaves elements of magic, history and realism together to tell a gripping story, is no exception. As our author of the day, we chat with Zeidel about time travel, nature and riddles.
As a child, Stewart Sanders wanted to be an astronaut. Today, he is exploring space and the outer reaches of his mind in an activity that is equally exciting: being a sci-fi author. As our author of the day, Sanders reveals how his Paradox series was inspired by a recurring dream he used to have, how he keeps readers at the edge of their seats and chats about parallel lives.
When Nancy Aylen is not designing homes or painting landscapes, she writes stories that tend to take her readers on an emotional journey. With a background in TV and media production, Aylen likes to visualise the scenes before writing them down, resulting in very vivid descriptions. As our author of the day, Aylen reveals how the death of a girl inspired her to write Soul Fire, a book about bullying and talks about how she breathes life into her characters.
When she is not listening to pop rock, eating chocolate, putting on a poker face or hanging out with her sculptor husband, award-winning author Traci L. Slatton does what she does best: writing bestselling novels. Her creativity has no bounds and her books are often a mix of genres, with paranormal, historical and romantic themes. As our author of the day, Slatton talks about her novel BROKEN, fallen angels and WWII.
Lorraine Devon Wilke loves to do anything that challenges her creatively. When she is not working as a photographer or writing and singing beautiful songs, she likes to write stories with a lot of heart. Her debut novel, After the Sucker Punch is an example of where she used personal experiences to weave a fictional tale of self-discovery, reinvention and healing. As our author of the day, Wilke reveals how her own father's journal inspired the book and chats about her characters, Scientology and the Catholic faith.
After serving more than twenty years in the Marine Corps and a career in business consulting, Craig Martelle is now a successful author whose work has been compared to that of Larry Niven and David Gemmell.
When Chelsea Campbell isn't studying ancient languages, knitting or collecting useless objects, she likes to transport readers to surreal worlds... with superheroes, villains and their kind. The first book in the series, The Rise of Renegade X, is a thrilling read that has received rave reviews on Amazon. As our Author of The Day, Campbell chats about her villain-hero main character, her love for the Young Adult genre and gives some insights into how she shapes her books.
Award-winning author Sylvia McDaniel loves to travel, knit, go fishing or hiking - but she doesn't have much time for any of these. Most of the time, you would find McDaniel working on one of her latest bestselling novels, much to the delight of her readers. Today, we chat with McDaniel about The Rancher Takes a Bride, how a TV show inspired the story of this book and why women love cowboys.
When she retired from her insurance executive job, Evelyn Lederman was looking forward to relaxing on the beach with her nose in a book. Little did she know that she was about to become a successful author of a series of books and would end up typing stories on her laptop instead. As our author of the day, Lederman chats about soul mates, parallel universes and reveals how her characters started talking to her.