Dragons, the legendary fire-breathing creatures that are so prevalent in myths, have fascinated humanity for ages. Whether it is the reptilian dragons from European stories or the serpentine creatures found in Asian tales, there is no denying their popularity.
There are plenty of gruesome murder mysteries that cater to fans of gritty thrillers, but what if you are in the mood for a little lighter reading?
It is not unusual to see movies or television shows based on books, but they are not the only forms of entertainment to do so. With thousands of active games companies and an increased mainstream appeal the computer and video game industry also generates revenue in the billions. This means that many of the popular franchises, such as Mass Effect, Halo and Star Craft have received novelizations that expand the universe. However, the opposite is also common, with popular books receiving a computer or video game adaptation. This was more common in the early days of the industry when text adventures were very prevalent, but the trend has continued to this day. Here are just X books that made the transition from literature to interactive entertainment.
Thanks to ebooks the traditional barriers to publishing books have begun to fall away, which means greater freedom for authors to write about what they really want. The results are of course mixed, with some great books along with a few that should probably have remained unwritten. One thing is for sure, there are now more books than ever before that deal with a variety of bizarre topics. Discounting the non-fiction titles, which range from toilet etiquette for dates to how to traumatize your children, here are four fiction titles with some rather unique storylines.
The debut of American Gods, the television series based on the popular novel by Neil Gaiman is just around the corner. The show will focus on the adventures of Shadow Moon, a man who ends up assisting the god Odin as he gathers all the old gods living ordinary lives. It is a very unique and interesting premise, but American Gods wasn’t the first novel to feature mythological deities as key characters. Here are 5 books that offer a new spin on the lives of your favorite deities.
From epic fantasy to outer space, there is no limit to the spectacular locations books can transport us. With no visual effects budget to worry about, the only constraints authors have when it comes to the settings for their books is their imagination. While many authors choose familiar backdrops for their stories, there are also a few that choose settings that are so unexpected or unique that they are hard to forget. Here are just a few authors who dared to be different and set their stories in the most unusual settings.
Most protagonists in literature are just a little bit smarter, better looking and luckier than others, which makes them more compelling and interesting characters. However, it can be tricky for authors to create these type of characters and still make them believable. In contrast, there are many others who do the opposite and simply provide their characters with extraordinary powers. This means that they don’t have to come up with all kinds of logical excuses for why their protagonists can pull off any incredible feats. Here are just a few of the characters who were imbued with some incredible unique powers by their authors.
Although the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, passed away in 1977 at the tender age of 42, his musical legacy still lives on. However, it is not only fans of his music that have a hard time letting go. Elvis has also appeared as a character, both major and minor, in numerous novels. Here are seven books where The King is involved in a few adventures that definitely doesn’t have any basis in reality.
Although famous authors, such as Dean Koontz, Stephen King, James Patterson and Robert Ludlum are frequently mentioned when discussing bestsellers, there have also been plenty of women who have made their mark on literature. In fact, few men can come close to the acclaim achieved by Agatha Christie, while work by other women such as Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steel are equally impressive. However, there are also other women who have written classic books that don’t always achieve the recognition that they deserve. So, here are five classic books written by women that belong in your library.
Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, but there have also been times when authors tried to pass off fiction as real events. Just like Hollywood has been known to take a lot of liberties with the line “based on a true story” there have been numerous books that turned out to be more fiction than fact. Here are just a few examples of non-fiction books that turned out to be fiction, usually after already becoming wildly popular or bestsellers.