Cap'n Dan's Daughter

Cap'n Dan's Daughter


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Cap'n Dan's Daughter by Joseph Crosby Lincoln







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Cap'n Dan's Daughter


(1 Review)
A Cape Code story in which Cap'n Dan's wife loses her head over society when they come into a fortune, and nearly shipwrecks the family. A managing daughter steers them skillfully back into calm waters by pretending to be more foolish than her mother and all ends happily. Cap'n Dan with his views on modern society, his philosophy and humor furnishes the chief interest.

Book Excerpt

hat--" stammered Azuba. "Oh, my land! WHAT is it?"

"Where's Serena?" demanded Captain Daniel, paying no attention to the saucer, except to tread upon the fragments.

"Hey? Oh, what IS it? Is the store afire?"

"No, no! Where's Serena?"


"Where's SERENA, I ask you?"

"In her room, I cal'late. For mercy sakes, what--"

But the captain did not answer. Through dining-room, sitting-room, and parlor he galloped, and up the front stairs to the bedroom occupied by himself and wife. Mrs. Dott was standing before the mirror, red-faced and panting, both arms behind her and her fingers busily engaged. Her husband's breath was almost gone by the time he reached the foot of the stairs; consequently his entrance was a trifle less noisy and startling than his sky-rocket flight through the kitchen. It is doubtful if his wife would have noticed even if it had been. She caught a glimpse of him in the mirror, and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Oh, it's you, is it!" she panted. "My, I'


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(1914) Romance / Situation Humor

R: *****

Plot bullets

Money comes to Cap'n Dan's family: Usually a good thing, the money proves to be the cause of misery, alienation and quite a bit of humor.
Captain Dan Dot moves from his long time home in Trumet (on the Cape), to a large fancy inherited home in Scarford.
The captain does not want to move, his wife does, as she believes she is destined for high society.
Selfish relatives, dishonest servants and self-seeking socialites, make things intolerable.
At sea, the captain was a man in charge, On land his wife (who he loves) steers the course.
Is all lost? Let's not forget Cap'n Dans daughter.

Another of Lincoln's delightful stories of a retired sea captain on the Cape and his love of the simple life and family , and his struggles to overcome adversity.
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