Cy Whittaker's Place

Cy Whittaker's Place


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Cy Whittaker's Place by Joseph Crosby Lincoln







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Cy Whittaker's Place


(1 Review)
A Cape Cod story describing the amusing efforts of an elderly bachelor and his two cronies to rear and educate a little girl. Full of honest fun a rural drama.

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lo, Ase!" hailed Mr. Bangs. "You'll be late to dinner, if you don't hurry. I was headin' for home, all sail sot, when I see you. What kept you?"

"Town business, of course," replied Mr. Tidditt, with the importance pertaining to his official position. "What kept YOU, for the land sakes? Won't Ketury be in your wool?"

Bailey hasn't any "wool" worth mentioning now, and he had very little more then, but he mopped his forehead, or the extension above it, taking off his cap to do so.

"I cal'late she will," he said, uneasily. "Tell you the truth, Ase, I was up to the store, and Cap'n Josiah Dimick and some more of 'em drifted in and we got talkin' about the chances of the harbor appropriation, and one thing or 'nother, and 'twas later'n I thought 'twas 'fore I knew it."

The appropriation from the government, which was to deepen and widen our harbor here at Bayport, was a very vital topic among us just then. Heman Atkins, the congressman from our district, had promised to do his best for the appropr

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A successful sea captain retires to his childhood home, hoping to re-capture the air of warmth and charm he's nostalgic for. But instead of a peaceful retirement, he sets the local political system on its ear, gets the town gossips working overtime, and finds out it takes more than the interior decoration to make a house a home. An interesting and enjoyable read.
M.J. Holt - Nonstop Action, Mystery, Romance, and Academia
FEATURED AUTHOR - M.J. Holt abandoned the big city to live on the family farm with her husband and many animals on a peninsula in Puget Sound. Their animals include rescue dogs and cats, ducks, geese, and retired hens. She writes thrillers and mysteries. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book, The Devil's Safe.