Cap'n Warren's Wards

Cap'n Warren's Wards


(2 Reviews)
Cap'n Warren's Wards by Joseph Crosby Lincoln





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Cap'n Warren's Wards


(2 Reviews)
An orphaned brother and sister who have been brought up in luxury are left to the guardianship of their uncle a retired sea captain. His good sense and keen humor help him in the somewhat trying situation.

Book Excerpt

aves's nerves. What idiot could laugh on such a night as this aboard a train over an hour late?

The laugh was repeated. Then the door was flung briskly open, and a man entered the car. He was a big man, broad-shouldered, inclined to stoutness, wearing a cloth cap with a visor, and a heavy ulster, the collar of which was turned up. Through the gap between the open ends of the collar bristled a short, grayish beard. The face above the beard and below the visor was sunburned, with little wrinkles about the eyes and curving lines from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth. The upper lip was shaved, and the eyebrows were heavy and grayish black. Cap, face, and ulster were dripping with water.

The newcomer paused in the doorway for an instant, evidently to add the finishing touch to a conversation previously begun.

"Well, I tell you, Ezra," he called, over his shoulder, "if it's too deep to wade, maybe I can swim. Fat floats, they tell me, and Abbie says I'm gettin' fleshier every day. So long.


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Plot bullets

A retired sea captain inherits his brothers estate.
He is also asked to be the guardian of two teenage children.
Perhaps not so unusual, except that the brothers have been estranged for many years., the deceased having sorely mistreated his brother.
The estate is conditionally bankrupt.
The children need to be woken up to reality.
Others are at work for their own greed.
All hangs on the make of the man chosen to handle all.

Another one of Lincoln\'s stories where a wise old Cape Cod sea captain
repairs the lives of others and learns a little himself.

At this writing the web site has the genre as \'war\'
The book has absolutely nothing to do with war.
I would call it: Humorous Intrigue, since it has a nice touch of humor,
woven amoung a base story of love,duty and a fight against misunderstanding and greed.