Fair Harbor

Fair Harbor


(2 Reviews)
Fair Harbor by Joseph Crosby Lincoln







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Fair Harbor


(2 Reviews)
The whole world is cheerfully chuckling over the fortunes of Captain Sears Kendrick, Manager of "Fair Harbor," the Home of Mariner's Womenfolk.

Book Excerpt

but I'm not very old yet--some years to leeward of forty--there was more money to be had where that came from and I meant to have it. And then--well, then this happened to me."

"I know. And to think that you was comin' down here on purpose to see me when it did happen. Seems almost as if I was to blame, somehow."

"Nonsense! Nobody was to blame but the engineer that wrecked the train and the three hundred pound woman that fell on my legs. And the engineer was killed, poor fellow, and the woman was--well, she carried her own punishment with her, I guess likely. Anyhow, I should call it a punishment if I had to carry it. There, there, Sarah! Let's talk about somethin' else. You do your dishes and, long as you won't let me help you, I'll hop-and-go-fetch-it out to that settee in the front yard and look at the scenery. Just think! I've been in Bayport almost four months and haven't been as far as that gate yet--except when they lugged me in past it, of course. And I don't recall much about that."

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Plot bullets

A sea captain, recovering from injuries, is sucked into the administration of a home for the female relations of deceased sea captains.
There are the problems you might expect.
There is a bad guy who appears.
There are some funny characters.
There is a love story.

Lincoln has a whole series of stories that
take place in a sea-side town in Mass.. Quite often, they involve a Sea Captain
who for some reason has been confined to the land and must cope with a new
way of life. But the author doesn't let the poor man be. There is always a
woman or child that stirs up his life. And always for the good.