American Immigrant: Why We Left, Why We Came

American Immigrant: Why We Left, Why We Came
Pippa Pralen

Vivid accounts of pogroms, slave accounts, steerage passengers and indentured servants. How the “commoners” of Jamestown colony fought for rights from noble elites, and won. From the 1600’s to the 21st century. The Irish, Italians, Germans, Cubans, Polish, Russian Jews, Swedes, Mexicans, Hondurans tell their stories. Economists analyze why Americans were richer, more educated, and healthier.


About the Author

Pippa is a history buff, especially for American history. You can often find her reading some obscure journal from the 1600s, written by early explorers or settlers. Eyewitness accounts are the most interesting sources for history for Pippa; they contain small details which give a vivid picture. She is also the author of best selling book "Unvanquished: How Confederate Women Survived the Civil War".

Pippa  Pralen
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