Blazing China

Blazing China
Blazing China
R. F. Whong

When my faith clashes with communism…
Amazon’s #1 new release in Asian Literature in 8/2023. Amazon’s #1 best seller in its category on 11/14/2023.
70+ favorable reviews since its release on 7/30/2023.
Amazon review examples:
"Never read a book like this before."
"Wow, a powerful story!"
“Exceptional writing...”
“Dramatic, emotional…”


About the Author

Although I used to be a science writer (with >120 scientific papers/books published), I’m relatively new to the world of creative writing. So far, I’ve released a few fiction books under my pen name, R. F. Whong, and non-fiction books under Ruth Wuwong.

R. F. Whong