Bright Triad

Bright Triad: a novel
Bright Triad
Daniel Zeigler

A groundbreaking project. A chance to cure the criminal mind. A vivid hope that spirals into a nightmare of human frailty and murder. If you like heroes who grow, attitude without the foul language and sleaze, and surprising twists, then you’ll love Daniel Zeigler’s insightful exploration of the intersection of reason and faith in this gripping Christian science fiction novel.


About the Author

Daniel R. Zeigler is a research scientist with laboratory experience spanning four decades. He holds a doctorate in Genetics from Ohio State. While a student, Daniel was confronted with the life and teachings of Jesus. Since then, his life’s passion has been the pursuit of what Dietrich Bonhoeffer described as “Discipleship” and “Life Together” and “religionless Christianity.” His fiction writing sprang his life of a trained scientist, playing out that passion for Jesus in an environment where human reason, not God, is the focus. Like some of the characters in his stories, Daniel enjoys running in parks, eating meals with friends, and playing games with children. More importantly, he lives to immerse himself in a daily life shared with others, doing what he can to help them reach their full potential while gratefully reveling in their impact on his own life.