Empower Through Questions

Empower Through Questions
Empower Through Questions
Yossy Kedmy

Talk less. Ask more. By using the practical skills outlined in distinct, easy-to-access chapters you will revolutionize the way you communicate with your friends, partner, children, bosses, employees, or clients.


About the Author

Yossy Kedmy is the top NLP expert in Israel. Kedmy has taught his methodology to thousands – through training courses, workshops, and lectures dedicated to reaching one’s personal potential and achieving extraordinary results.
In 2018, after undergoing heart and kidney transplants in San Diego, Kedmy returned to his homeland of Israel. Kedmy doesn’t simply ‘preach’ NLP – he utilizes his own research and skills to better manage his own life.
Kedmy’s critically acclaimed books form the basis of NLP in Israel and have become required reading for respected coaches, practitioners and thought leaders.
This is the first of Yossy Kedmy’s books to be translated into English.