Hockey Single-Dad & Nanny

Hockey Single-Dad & Nanny
Hockey Single-Dad & Nanny
Kathilee Riley

My wealthy, hockey-captain boss hates me.
He wants me to quit my nanny job,
But I need this job for college.
Despite his stupid rules and that he’s grumpy and HOT.
My curvy body taunts him.
We must not cross that line.
But we get lost in a steamy night.
And there’s a devastating surprise.


About the Author

Kathilee Riley grew up in Florida and spent half of her time hating the beach and the other half daydreaming while in the sand. She’s dabbled in plenty different veins of study including sociology and classic literature, but her love of steamy, forbidden romance with sassy heroines has been constant. Kathilee went from reading to writing so she could create her own worlds where love and passion bring people together, no matter their age or their differences.

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