Snatched Up to Heaven!

Snatched Up to Heaven!
Snatched Up to Heaven!
Jemima Paul and Arvind Paul

This is an inspirational Christian book about two little girls, aged four and two, who share their visions of heaven and hell with their parents. It is a true story. The raw testimonies of the girls are available on our Youtube channel, Snatched Up To Heaven.


About the Author

The award winning and best selling author duo, Jemima and Arvind Paul, are part of the blood-bought remnant redeemed by and for Jesus Christ in these last days.

Originally from the coastal town of Chennai in South India, they now reside in the United States with their three beautiful daughters – Priyanka (meaning “beautiful and lovable”), Deepika (meaning “light”) and Keerthana (meaning “hymn of praise to God”).

While they yearn to serve the Lord as a family in whatever He gives them to do, they also share a passion in music. While both launched into careers in Information Technology, they have since pursued theological education and Jemima holds a doctorate in Christian Education. It is exactly that background and passion that have laid the foundation for their exceptionally inspirational stories that so many children and adults alike have enjoyed.

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