Sword and Mirror

Sword and Mirror
Sword and Mirror
Kate Grove

A modern-day witch. A 16th-century warlord. And the journey through time that intertwines their fates.

Ciara finds herself dragged back in time and thrown into the clutches of a maniacal samurai. Risking her life, she escapes with a little girl the samurai kidnapped to provoke his rival. While doing so earns her the gratitude of Katsuo, the enemy warlord, an alliance with him comes at a price.


About the Author

Kate Grove is a daydreamer with wanderlust. She has a degree in Japanese language and culture, and lives in Europe with her bilingual cat. Is very interested in Japanese, Korean, and Celtic folklore and enjoys reading (and writing!) stories with magic, love, and fantastical characters.

Her current series is a time-travel fantasy romance, set in medieval Japan, rich with beings from folklore.

Official website: https://kategrove.net