Tater Bug Barnes

Tater Bug Barnes: A Catastic Adventure
Tater Bug Barnes
Beverly Ferree
Tater Bug Barnes is a typical ten-year-old who loves playing with his toys and his cat, Ringo, but dislikes chores and following rules. Frustrated with his mom's demands, Tater decides he wants to be a cat, thinking life would be easier. In a whimsical twist, Tater becomes Ringo, and Ringo becomes Tater, leading to an adventure where Tater learns the joy of being himself.

About the Author

Beverly was a teacher for 35 years before retiring and beginning her new journey as a writer! She has taught at all levels of education from Pre-K to college. Beverly is married to her best friend and has two children, three bonus children, seven grandchildren, two cats, and two granddogs. She loves spending time on the lake and writing, traveling and meeting new people from different places and cultures, learning new things, and laughing until her stomach hurts!