The Crimson Deathbringer Series (Box Set, Books 1-6)

The Crimson Deathbringer Series Six-Book Box Set (Books 1-6): An Epic Space Opera/Alien Invasion/Time Travel Adventure
The Crimson Deathbringer Series (Box Set, Books 1-6)
Sean Robins

A galaxy-conquering alien fleet is on Earth’s doorstep.


About the Author

This is Jim Harrison, your favorite flying ace. If you’ve read my trilogy, you know these books are autobiographies, and Sean Robins is just a pen name. If you haven’t, well then, SURPRISE! ***** Sorry about that, guys. I could never resist a good meta-joke. So, this is me. The real me, Sean Robins. Unfortunately, my life is nowhere nearly as interesting as my main protagonist’s. I’m a university/college-level English teacher, and including Canada, I’ve lived and worked in six different countries. I’ve met people from all around the world, which is probably why my characters look like the bridge crew from Star Trek (They are from US, Germany, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Russia, Japan, and Ukraine, plus a couple of aliens and an AI). One of my female characters even impersonated Uhura once, albeit posthumously.