The Keeper of the Laugh

The Keeper of the Laugh
The Keeper of the Laugh
Danny Fromchenko

A holocaust survivor without a past. The woman who will give everything to be his future. A beautiful story of love and redemption set in the aftermath of World War II.


About the Author

Danny Fromchenko was born and raised in Israel. After many years as chief food technologist at the largest candy and coffee makers in the country, Fromchenko turned to the automobile industry, a passion he held since childhood. With a few friends, he established the car magazine “Auto”, which he also edited as chief executive editor. Fromchenko also laid the foundation to the car-racing industry in Israel, as the organizer of the first racing league in the country – as well as a participant driver.
Fromchenko began writing his debut novel, “The Keeper of The Laugh” at the age of 60. It was published in Israel in 2021. In his writing, he deals with one of the most horrendous periods of human history, emphasizing the survivors and their point of view, their optimism, and their journey back to life.