The Song of Theodore

The Song of Theodore
The Song of Theodore
James Malone

Angels and Trolls. Völvas and Volvos. Epic Poems and Flying Pigs. The Song of Theodore blends history and fantasy in a stand-alone sequel to the award-winning Rainbow Gardens. World War 2 has ended, but not America’s hostility toward Japanese Americans, including veterans like Teddy. He returns to his father’s neon-lit motel where he confronts prejudice while fending off a band of trolls.


About the Author

James Malone took a winding road to the destination of Rainbow Gardens. He has had a long career in writing, from senior writer at a mid-size advertising agency to senior communications and public affairs positions in federal and state agencies. His body of work includes award-winning ads, countless news releases and op-eds, as well as speeches and position papers.
The son of a career U.S. Navy officer and a Vietnam Era veteran himself, James is a child of the Cold War. He grew up in cities around the world, including New York, San Diego, Yokohama, London, Paris, and Stuttgart. He attended three high schools.
His interests include soccer, which he learned from the English neighbor kids when he lived in London. He was also a competitive sailor for a numbers of years, racing a 20 foot C-Scow, an inland lakes boat. Collecting first editions is another hobby when he has time, but he has discovered pickle ball and plays it whenever he can.
James currently resides in Wisconsin with his wife and two daughters, who take turns trying to teach him the Zen of Volleyball.