Trivia Book of Wow

Trivia Book of Wow: Wonderfully Weird Facts & Whatnot. For the Seriously Curious.
Trivia Book of Wow
Robin Why

How can a jellyfish be immortal? What does it mean to be a superhuman runner? Calling all inquisitive souls! This book is your perfect companion. Each page is bursting with outlandish tidbits of information to ignite your curiosity. You can read from cover to cover or simply dip in for 2 minutes to find your fantastic fact of the day.
Free from 5th April through 7th April!


About the Author

I’m Robin Why. I navigate the skies to the far corners of this planet, gathering facts to build my towering nest of trivia. With a beak for prose, I have become a sensation in both literary and ornithological circles, often found perched on typewriters and tweeting literary masterpieces in 280 characters or less. When not writing, I enjoy flapping through incredible landscapes, seeking inspiration in the clouds, and squawking philosophical questions to unsuspecting worms. My obsession with facts took flight when I discovered just how peculiar humans are. They never fail to amaze me. So, dear trivia-lovers, I welcome you to nestle down for an excellent read. I’m here to take your mind on a migration like no other.