Undead Nightmare

Undead Nightmare : A Zombie Apocalypse Series : Book 1
Undead Nightmare
Richard Dietz

The dead have risen. Welcome to hell! Relaxing on his sofa on a peaceful morning, there's a tap, tap, tapping on the window behind him. A strange man gazes inside. What does he want? Bob will soon find out and won't like it one bit. Check out all 8 "Undead Nightmare" series books on Amazon, plus the new "OMG Zombies" 9-book series.


About the Author

Richard has always possessed a passion for both writing and for the Mystery, Thriller, and Horror genres. He's now working to combine those affections by crafting taut, captivating, and thoughtful short stories reflective of those categories. Favorite sub-genre is zombies which is how the popular "Undead Nightmare" and "OMG Zombies" series were born.