Unlegendary Dragon (The Magical Kids of Lore, Books 1-3)

Unlegendary Dragon Books 1-3: The Magical Kids of Lore
Unlegendary Dragon (The Magical Kids of Lore, Books 1-3)
R.L. Ullman

Soon after moving to a quiet island town, 12-year-old Connor discovers that his new home is full of fantastical creatures! And life only gets more interesting when he learns it’s his destiny to save the world as a powerful dragon! But can he soar before an ancient sorceress conquers the world? Hilarious, action-packed fun for kids 8-12.


About the Author

R.L. Ullman is the bestselling, award-winning author of books for young readers including the EPIC ZERO series, the UNLEGENDARY DRAGON series, the MONSTER PROBLEMS series, and the PETUNIA THE UNICORN series. His fun, engaging stories get kids to put down their screens and start reading books! He writes the kinds of books he loved reading as a kid, featuring fast-paced action, laugh-out-loud humor, and lots of heart. His young, relatable characters encourage kids to face their challenges and embrace what makes them truly unique. R.L. lives in Connecticut with his wife, son, and two freeloading dogs with unusually strong editorial opinions. You can find out more about R.L. at rlullman.com.

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