A Journey Home in the Dark

A Journey Home in the Dark
Milton C. Cantellay
Carl Raydon knew it was coming. The disaster was only a matter of time. The Prodigals Series is the epic tale of family loyalty, struggle, survival, and hope. In the end, their faith in each other and in God sustains them as they come to understand that the only safe place is in their father’s house.

About the Author

Milt grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, in the 50’s & 60’s. He spent long days playing outside. Always the storyteller, he lived in a world of imagination, constantly surrounded by characters of his own making. Whether outside with friends or drifting off to sleep, his mind spun tales.

With a Marine Corps dad, and 4 uncles that served in WWII, playing army was a favorite pastime. From a young age, he knew that someday he would be a Marine and follow in his father's and his brother’s footsteps. When his mother and step-father, also a Marine, moved to Indiana, Milt started high school. This was during the height of the Viet Nam war. He was conflicted over his feelings about the war and his long-time ambition to be a Marine, but after graduating high school, he joined the Corps in ‘72. In boot camp, he excelled and earned the Series Honor Man Award. During those years, Viet Nam was winding down and while every Marine is a rifleman, Milt served his time stationed at the Officer Candidate School in Quantico in Virginia. It turns out he has a talent for drawing pictures, so the Marines made him an illustrator.

Eventually, Milt transitioned from illustrator to web designer to a web developer to a software developer and eventually to a software solutions architect. Thrown into that time was also a high school teacher and business owner. However, no matter where the career journey led, the desire to tell a story was always there. Now retired, he has decided to tell these stories to you.