A Shot of Irish

A Shot of Irish
Gordon Brewer
A struggling vet, Ray Irish, drifts into a crime-ridden town where he discovers his new home has a polished veneer with a dark side. The thugs along with masked, robed figures that haunt the alleys at night soon set their sights on the newcomer. He will need the luck of the Irish to survive in a city that hates outsiders.

About the Author

Gordon Brewer is the pseudonym for a professional geek, history buff, and full time dad who took up a challenge from his son to finish his first novel and enter the world of writing. His life experiences left him with a need to explore wide ranging interests in multiple genres. The Ray Irish Occult Mysteries carry a supernatural element along with historical consideration given to the characters and setting. The dark fantasy Clovel Sword series focus upon a scarred warrior who must battle gods and monsters in the lands of Kamin.