Closed Campus

Closed Campus
Gayle Katz
A zombie outbreak might be the end of her. I’m Jane. And I just started spending my nights locked in the school radio station. Lucky, too, that’s what saved my life when it happened. But if the zombies get in, it’ll be my tomb. With communications down, a campus littered with baddies, and my anxiety rising, I’m not sure I’ll survive day one.

About the Author

Gayle is a fan of zombies, sci-fi fantasy, and psychological horror—though not necessarily in that order. She writes the kinds of books she wants to read but often can’t find. Hoping to scare you, make you swoon, and root for her characters, her love of kick-butt heroines and sassy snark shines through in her work.

Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Gayle discovered her passion for horror when her husband introduced her to zombie video games in 2009. She writes about terrifying things because it scares the bejesus out of her and she likes it!