Saul Tanpepper
THEY SAID THE BUNKER WOULD KEEP US SAFE. THEY LIED. It's been three years since they fled to the safety of Bunker 8. Three years of total isolation. Three years hiding from the terrifying creatures known as Wraiths. Then a stranger appears, ranting of a cure for the Flense. With Humanity's fate on the line, do they risk believing him? What if he's not telling the truth? Or worse: what if he is?

About the Author

SAUL TANPEPPER is the creator of ZPOCALYPTO, the acclaimed cyberpunk dystopian series from the WORLD OF GAMELAND, as well as the post-apocalyptic series BUNKER 12 and the international technothriller series, THE FLENSE. A former army medic and PhD scientist, he now writes full time in several speculative fiction genres, including horror, apocalyptic, science fiction and climate fiction. A frequent world traveler, his works are heavily influenced by these experiences and his background as a biotechnology entrepreneur. He currently resides in California's Silicon Valley with his wife of more than thirty years.